Hello everyone and thank you for visiting my page! It's been a long and fun journey so far. It all started when I got a Nikon D3300 back in 2015. I was the basic photographer shooting in auto and no idea what I was doing. I eventually got out more shot more and finally upgraded to the magnificent Pentax K-1. Just having that camera in my hand gave me interest and power to shoot better and shoot more often. I took the K-1 through the trails of upstate New York and adapted to the bigger and better camera. I flew out to the island of Oahu to be stationed in August 2017. I've gone out to shoot and I'm still learning the trails of Hawaii's biggest island. My New Years resolution in 2018 was to shoot better than I ever have and to get my pictures out to the world. The journey to success keeps climbing more and more as I head higher up in the mountains and lower into the valleys of Hawaii. 

Mahalo, Ken Burcham 
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